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Literary Publishing Workshop:
Submit, Publish, Repeat

For the first time ever, Emily Harstone is leading a four week workshop on publishing your creative writing in literary journals. Get personal feedback, training, and support from the author of Submit, Publish, Repeat.

  • Four weeks of in-depth training covering every aspect of publishing in literary journals.

  • Personal feedback on every lesson from Emily Harstone.

  • Detailed feedback on your writing from Emily Harstone, so you can maximize your chances of publishing success.

  • Publisher recommendations from Emily Harstone, so you can be confident in your submissions.

  • Access to live office hours with Emily Harstone, available exclusively to students of Authors Publish.

  • Full access to our private community of writers, so you can network with your fellow students

Establish Your Publishing Career by Contributing to Literary Journals

Reach an Audience and Find a Home for Your Writing

Many authors get a big rush when they finally finish a piece of creative writing. Whether you’ve finished a poem, short story, or essay, the feeling is often the same: Satisfaction that you’ve completed a piece of writing.

However, for writers who have active publishing careers, finishing a piece is just the first half of the process.

This course guides you through the second half of the process: Finding a home for your writing, so that it can reach readers, establish your credibility, and validate the quality of your work.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Consistently get your writing published in literary journals
  • Build a publishing record that establishes your credentials as an author
  • Get your work noticed by publishers of full length manuscripts
  • Reach a diverse audience with your writing
  • Get your name in print (and on your bookshelf!)
  • Gain access to better career and education opportunities

During this four week course, Emily Harstone presents the system she has developed for building a wide record of publication across the world in literary journals and anthologies.

In this course, you’ll learn how to approach publishers with confidence, knowing that your writing is ready for publication.

You won’t be alone in the process. As part of the course, Emily Harstone will provide detailed feedback on your writing and give you personal recommendations of publishers who are a good fit for your work.

Even once the course is completed, you will remain part of the Authors Publish community – and have ongoing access to live office hours with Emily Harstone, so you can get your questions answered.

Emily Harstone, as the author of Submit, Publish Repeat is the ideal instructor for this course. In addition to helping many writers find publication as a submissions consultant, she has published widely in dozens of literary journals and anthologies around the world, for many years.

This course is the only way to get this level of direct feedback, training, and consultation from Emily Harstone. If you are interested, I encourage you to enroll right now.

Submit Your Writing With Confidence – And Success

Learn the straightforward process for getting your writing published in literary journals.

Designed for authors of poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, and flash fiction, this course gives you the tools to submit your work with confidence.

  • The process for consistently getting published, so you can build your publishing credentials.

  • How to prepare your work for publication, so you can submit your writing with confidence.

  • How to find the right journals for your writing and your goals as a writer.

Personal Feedback On Your Writing

In addition to the four weeks of training, Emily Harstone is generously offering personal feedback on your writing.

The course includes two rounds of feedback on your writing. 

For authors of prose, you'll be able to get feedback on up to six thousand words, during each round. For poets, you may submit up to five poems, for each round of feedback.

Emily Harstone will also personally recommend publishers she believes are a good fit for your writing. She has had great success placing work as a submissions consultant, and this is the key part of the process.

The Course Is Limited to 30 Students

Because of the intense level of personal feedback offered by Emily Harstone, we are strictly limiting this course to thirty students. Once we reach that number, we will immediately close enrollment. 

Workshop Schedule

The course starts on Monday, Sepember 30th and ends on October 25th. The course comes with daily lessons you can study on your own time, and daily interaction with Emily Harstone. Everything is provided online, through the digital learning platform hosted by Thinkific.

  • Daily lessons, available to study any time on our learning platform.

  • Personal feedback on every lesson via email, our discussion platform, or our private Facebook Group.

  • During the first and fourth week, Emily will provide personal feedback on your writing.

About Emily Harstone

Emily Harstone is the pen-name of the author of many popular books, including Submit, Publish, Repeat, The Authors Publish Guide to Manuscript Submissions, The 2019 Guide to Manuscript Publishers, and The Authors Publish Guide to Children’s and Young Adult Publishing. 

Through these books, she has helped many writers connect with quality publishers for their books.

As a professional submissions adviser, she has helped many writers successfully place their work in literary journals.

Emily graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, then worked as a creative writing professor at Berkeley College in New York, as well as Seattle Pacific University. 

She went on to become a co-founder Authors Publish Magazine, where she regularly engages with the editors of literary journals.

Please note that Emily Harstone is not currently accepting private consulting clients outside of this course. That means the only way to work with her directly is to enroll in this course.

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  • What is the course schedule?

    The course starts on Monday, September 30th, and ends on October 25th. The course comes with daily lessons you can study on your own time, and feedback on your assignments from Emily Harstone.

  • How much time will the course require?

    Expect to spend around 30 minutes a day on the course. Some days will require less work, some days will require more. Daily lessons can be done on your own time. The meetings with Emily will be scheduled to best work for the entire class.

  • How many students will be allowed to enroll?

    Because of the personal feedback Emily is providing, the workshop is strictly limited to 30 students. Once we reach that number we will immediately close enrollment.

  • What type of writing fits this course?

    This course is designed to help writers publish their poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction, and flash fiction. Both literary and genre writing work well for this course. Excerpts of a larger work are not ideal for this course. This course is ideal writers of poetry, memoir, and short stories.

    Please note that Emily will provide feedback up to 6,000 words of prose, five poems, and three flash fiction pieces for each round of feedback, for a total of two rounds of feedback.

    This level of feedback is a large part of why we are limiting enrollment to thirty students.

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