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Want to launch the new year with inspiration, motivation, and world-class knowledge? Here's just some of what you'll learn:
  • How to write a book that keeps readers up all night
  • How to win over readers, agents, and publishers in just twenty pages
  • How to publish your writing in literary journals
  • How to position yourself, so you can attract top-notch literary agents
  • So much more...

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    • Taming the Wild Beast: Making Inspiration Work for You (With Emily Colin)

    • How to Write a Memoir that Wins Over Readers and Publishers (With Nellwyn Lampert)

    • How to Find the Flashpoint for Compelling Poems and Stories (With Ella Peary)

    • The First Twenty Pages: How to Win over Editors & Readers in Just Twenty Pages (With Emily Harstone)

    • The Art of Fresh Imagery in Poetry (With Meghan Sterling)

    • How to Write a Book That Will Keep Readers Up All Night

    • How to Publish Your Writing in Literary Journals (With the Editors of Radar Poetry)

    • Everyday Activities to Improve Your Writing (With John Claude Bemis)

    • Introduction to Diversity Reading for Authors (With Niesha Davis)

    • Stranger Things, Duende, & Writing into the Upside Down (With Jennifer Givhan)

    • The Magic of Productivity How to Write Quickly & Effortlessly (With Vi Khi Nao)

    • Agent Lecture: Passion, Professionalized – How to Build an Authentic & Thriving Writing Career (With Michael Mungiello)

    • The Art of Book Reviewing – How to Write & Get Paid for Book Reviews (With Rebecca Ruth Gould)